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Our Approach

We take a person-centred approach and deliver training to skilled professionals at work; equipping your people with the tools to succeed in today’s technology-driven world. We focus on building a healthy workplace culture and resilience towards professional and personal challenges. With the right approach, teams can minimize absenteeism, disengagement, high turnover and low productivity. The result is a highly focused, committed and motivated workforce.

Our courses are designed to provide your teams with essential tools to manage the high stress that comes with demanding work environments. Pressures in the workplace directly impact a variety of factors, such as employee absences, overall health, communication and individual performance levels. By investing in courses that strengthen people’s ability to manage stress and relationships, you are empowering them with the tools to overcome challenges both at work and in their personal lives, giving them skills for life.


Our Courses 

Workplace Wellbeing

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Mental Health Awareness

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Emotional Intelligence & Communication

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Email us: Wellness@willingandable.org.uk OR request a call back on 0207 517 9695 to discuss your specific requirements. We are happy to arrange a presentation at your site. Let's work together to promote sustainable Wellness and personal resilience amongst your employees & key assets.