About Us

Our Mission

The Willing and Able mission is to provide excellent quality Apprenticeships and Continuing Professional Development opportunities for candidates and their employers.

We have strong industry credentials within our team which gives us unique advantages of seeing things from the employer and apprentice perspective to produce outstanding Apprentices and deliver positive impact for the sector.

Our dedicated team carefully select applicants on best HR practice and two fundamental criteria.

Candidates must be "Willing" and have potential to be "Able".

We are committed to creating outstanding Apprentices tailored to fit each individual business.

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W&A Wellness

Commitment Statement

Well-being & Wellness are general terms for the condition of an individual or group.

A high level of well-being & wellness means in some sense, the individual or group's condition is positive.

Wellness at Willing and Able refers to the interconnections between a person’s physical, mental, and social well-being.

This extends beyond their state of health but it includes choices and activities aimed at achieving the physical vitality, mental alacrity, social satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and personal fulfillment.

That's why we are committed to actively promote wellness in our Teams & Apprentices and for our clients!

Are YOU Well?